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Management Systems and Standards in the Nuclear Industry

Abstract of the presentation: Management Systems and Standards in the Nuclear Industry
Date: December 12–15, 2016

Prepared by:
Pierre Lahaie, Director, Management Systems
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission


The nuclear industry relies on a significant number of sector-specific standards to meet regulatory requirements. These standards are commonly associated with the assurance and management of areas such as quality, environment, health and safety, and security. It is the common attributes of these standards that enable organizations to implement a single management system designed to ensure that all objectives and requirements are achieved; they all provide a basic framework for a management system.

The scope of application of the core (or generic) elements of a management system standard is a key factor for successful implementation and ensuring safety. Today’s standards have also expanded on the expectations for organizational leaders, thereby holding them accountable for the effectiveness of the management system and ensuring that key processes are in place for making informed decisions, setting priorities and leading effectively.

This presentation will provide an overview of management systems and standards in the nuclear industry, and will provide specific information on CSA Group standard N286-12, Management system requirements for nuclear facilities. This standard was informed by numerous other sector-specific standards, including GSR-3, and is aligned with SF-1 and GSR Part 2. It sets clear expectations for leaders and provides specific lifecycle phase requirements for five different classes of nuclear facilities.

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