Regulatory oversight report for uranium mines and mills

Updated October 26, 2017

Notice of public meeting and participant funding

On December 13 or 14, 2017, the CNSC will hold a public meeting during which CNSC staff will present its Regulatory Oversight Report for Uranium Mines and Mills in Canada: 2016. This report provides CNSC staff’s assessment of the 2016 safety performance of licensees and their facilities authorized by the CNSC for the mining and milling of uranium.

Members of the public and Indigenous groups who have an interest or expertise on this matter are invited to comment, in writing, on the report. Through its Participant Funding Program, the CNSC is offering a total of $35,000 in funding to assist in the review of this report and the provision of written submissions to the Commission.

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Each year, the CNSC publishes a report on the performance of Canada’s uranium mines and mills. The 2015 report includes historic and decommissioned mine sites in addition to the sites in operation.

The report focuses on the three safety and control areas (SCAs) of radiation protection, environmental protection and conventional health and safety, as they are key performance indicators. The report also tracks the ratings of the 11 other SCAs, including waste management, and emergency management and fire protection.

2016 Executive summary (PDF) (HTML) | 2015 (PDF) (HTML) | 2014 (PDF) (HTML) | 2013 (PDF) (HTML)

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