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Small modular reactors

Find information about Canada's nuclear regulation and licensing of small modular reactors.

About small modular reactors (SMRs)

Learn about small modular reactors (SMRs). SMRs use novel technology and can potentially supply power to smaller electrical grids or to remote, off-grid areas.

Licencing, regulation and public hearings

Learn how proposals and applications to build and operate an SMR facility are reviewed by CNSC staff, and learn more about intervenors and the Commission.

Radioactive waste

Learn how radioactive waste and hazardous substances are managed in Canada and how CNSC classification systems, regulatory oversight, policy and legislative framework support long-term management of used nuclear fuel.

SMR facilities

SMR planning is advancing in several Canadian provinces. Discover SMR projects in Canada.

Participate, be heard and learn

Join a webinar and learn more about upcoming licensing hearings or about various aspects of what and how the CNSC regulates.

Pre-licensing vendor design review process

Prior to the licensing process, vendors can submit a reactor design for an optional pre-licensing design review. See the status of designs under review.

New reactor facility projects

Learn more about current licensing activities, research reactors, the licensing process, regulatory framework, and environmental reviews.

Funding programs

Apply for 1 of 3 funding programs supporting public and Indigenous participation in projects, research, licensing decisions or regulatory processes.

International agreements

Implementing international obligations supports Canada’s non-proliferation policy. Learn more about our bilateral and multilateral partners around the world.

A smiling CNSC employee in front of solid background.

Meet CNSC experts supporting SMRs

Meet just a few of our hard-working and dedicated staff who play an important role in our readiness to regulate SMRs.

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