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Directorate of Nuclear Substance Regulation newsletter

About the DNSR newsletter

The Directorate of Nuclear Substance Regulation (DNSR) developed this newsletter as a forum for information sharing with our stakeholders.

Addressing various regulation and compliance issues, this newsletter is part of our commitment to keeping our licensees and the public informed about DNSR activities.

Find out the latest news on nuclear substance regulation and our team by reading our newsletter.

Latest issue

Spring 2019


  • CNSC’s hosting of the Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) mission
  • lessons learned from an AMP issued for a transportation violation
  • lessons learned from a confined-space event

Past issues

Fall 2018 (PDF)


  • the importance of properly identifying shipping documents, from the perspective of a first responder
  • CNSC expectations for practical exams for exposure device operators
  • how biodosimetry is used to confirm and measure individual radiation exposures
  • new security requirements for licensees with Category 3, 4, and 5 sealed sources

Special edition 2018


  • Introduction to DNSR's management team
  • Invitation to a webinar titled "Implementation of the dose limits for the lens of the eye"
  • Invitation to consult on draft REGDOC-3.1.3, Reporting Requirements for Class II Nuclear Facilities and Users of Prescribed Equipment, Nuclear Substances and Radiation Devices
  • Invitation to consult on the Canadian Guidelines for the Management of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials

Spring 2018 (PDF)


  • New resources for portable gauge users
  • Evaluation of the role of radiation safety officers
  • Highlighting lessons learned in nuclear medicine
  • A notice to users of Humboldt Type A packages for portable gauges
  • Security of sealed sources while in transport

Fall 2017 (PDF)


  • A note to CEDOs
  • Operating experience from the portable gauge industry
  • Highlights from the Regulatory Oversight Report on the Use of Nuclear Substances in Canada: 2016
  • Sharing nuclear safety expertise internationally: CNSC provides training to Caribbean

Spring 2017 (PDF)

An article published in this edition of the DNSR Newsletter (Spring 2017) provides a "notice to users of SPEC sources in exposure device model No. 880". The article reports that the event involved a source model manufactured by SPEC. Upon further review, this information was determined to be inaccurate.


  • Annual Compliance Reports
  • Event Reporting
  • Controlling extremity exposure in nuclear medicine
  • Sealed source security requirements

Fall 2016 (PDF)


  • New director in Accelerator and Class II Facilities Division
  • Supporting first responders during the Fort McMurray fires in May 2016
  • Revision to classes of nuclear substances table for contamination control
  • Retention of records for activities for Nuclear Substances and Radiation Devices Licensees

Special edition 2016 (PDF)


  • Security of sealed sources during transport
  • Technical security measures
  • Trustworthiness checks for employees
  • A case study on the theft of sealed sources

Winter 2016 (PDF)


  • Introducing new DNSR staff
  • Encouraging the use of electronic ACR forms
  • Highlighting relevant regulatory framework developments
  • Sharing operating experience through the recurring "Regulatory Actions" feature

Spring 2015 (PDF)


  • Update on the new financial guarantee program
  • Successful workshop on portable gauge users
  • Reported events presented to the Commission
  • A brief look at the Operations Inspection Division
  • Use of annual compliance report information by the CNSC

Special Inventory Control Edition (PDF)


  • The importance of maintaining control of sealed sources
  • How to prevent loss of control

Summer 2014 (PDF)


  • Packaging and transport of nuclear substances regulations
  • New approach to compliance verification for consolidated uses of nuclear substances licensees
  • Inspection of licensees performing servicing activities
  • CNSC 101 information session

Special EDO Edition 2014 (PDF)


  • Exposure device operator certification program in Canada
  • How the new CEDO program works
  • CEDO card exchange
  • Outline of the new CSA guide PCP-09

Fall 2013 (PDF)


  • Administrative monetary penalties regulations come into force
  • Shipping document: what should be included
  • Security of sealed sources
  • Public information and disclosure programs for Class II facilities

Special edition – Summer 2013 (PDF)


  • Reminder of CEDO card exchange program
  • Beta Testing of New CEDO exam
  • Comment period for the pew CEDO certification guide
  • Expectations for source recovery incidents
  • Posting of warning signs and barriers during radiography operations

Spring 2013 (PDF)


  • Radiation Safety Officer Responsibilities
  • Update on the New CEDO Program
  • Clarification on the Posting of a Licence
  • Industrial Radiography Working Group update

Special Edition – Winter 2013 (PDF)


  • Update on the new CEDO program
  • Important reminders about direct reading dosimeters
  • IAEA requests input from Members States

Fall 2012 (PDF)


  • Update on new CEDO program
  • Servicing of radiation devices
  • Requirements for visible signage
  • Free CNSC 101 information session

Special edition – Summer 2012 (PDF)


  • Inspections carried out by the Operations Inspection Division
  • Amendments to the Packaging and Transport of Nuclear Substances Regulations
  • Proposed administrative monetary penalties regulations

Spring 2012 (PDF)


  • International review looks at the CNSC
  • Award for CNSC compliance and enforcement activities
  • New CNSC policy on low-energy accelerators
  • Contaminated sea containers enter Canadian ports

Fall 2011 (PDF)

Highlights :

  • CSA developing standard for certification
  • Radium luminous devices remain radioactive
  • Federal Court decision on Enviropac
  • Proposed amendments to the Packaging and Transport of Nuclear Substances Regulations

Preventing portable gauge accidents (PDF) – Special edition – Summer 2011

Spring 2011 (PDF)

Highlights :

  • Financial guarantees coming for DNSR licensees
  • Poster and brochure published
  • Canadian Standards Association to develop certification standards
  • Safety recall of GammaMat camera
  • Medical electron accelerators subject to regulations

Fall 2010 (PDF)


  • Review of IAEA transport regulations
  • Certification of radiation devices and prescribed equipment
  • Changes to the annual compliance report
  • Decertification of the GammaMat M10 device

Spring 2010 (PDF)


  • Interim exemptions from regulations
  • The health of Canadians
  • Orphan sources
  • Orders issued

Fall 2009 (PDF)


  • Radiography camera recalled
  • Revoked licences
  • Sealed sources tracking and registering

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