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Stream 1: Indigenous Capacity Support

The Indigenous Capacity Support stream funds long-term activities to increase capacity of Indigenous Nations and communities with a direct interest in:

  • nuclear facilities
  • nuclear projects
  • and nuclear technologies

This funding stream will be administered on an annual basis with funds disbursed through contribution agreements.

Who is eligible

Eligible recipients include Indigenous Nations and communities, including organizations or aggregate of communities, in regions where nuclear projects and activities currently take place, or where they may take place in the future in Canada.

Funding categories and eligible activities

Funding categories Eligible activities

Indigenous Knowledge and land use studies

  • Indigenous Knowledge, land use and other related studies (not related to a specific nuclear project/activity or regulatory process)
  • Traditional food and culture studies
  • Other studies of interest to Indigenous Nations and communities

Staffing and internal resource support

  • Hiring an internal staff resource for up to 1 year (or longer as required) to liaise and coordinate activities with CNSC staff in relation to project work for one or more nuclear projects and/or activities in their territory and region of interest

Eligible expenses

Eligible expenses include:

  • professional fees
  • administrative costs
  • travel expenses including meals, accommodation and incidentals
  • honoraria and ceremonial offerings

Current funding opportunities

There are currently no funding opportunities open at this time.

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Indigenous and Stakeholder Capacity Fund Administrator
Indigenous and Stakeholder Relations Division

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