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Public Commission meetings

The Commission holds public meetings for Commission members to consider a wide range of topics related to the nuclear regulatory process and, in certain cases, to make legislative, policy or administrative decisions on matters of particular or general application.

Major facility-specific licensing applications are not considered at Commission meetings. They are considered at public hearings. For information on the public hearing process, see Public Commission hearings.

Typically, a Commission meeting includes CNSC staff presentations followed by discussions by the Commission members on significant development reports, facility or industry sector developments or status reports, and mid-term licensee performance reports. CNSC staff may also present technical briefings on a wide range of subjects related to the regulation of the nuclear industry.

The CNSC By-laws outline the conduct of Commission meetings.

Meeting schedule

The Commission usually holds public meetings immediately following the close of public hearings or on the following day but may also schedule a meeting at any time.

Participate in a public Commission meeting

Members of the public are welcome to observe meetings or to formally participate as intervenors in meetings which invite public participation. To determine if a Commission meeting invites public participation, please refer to the notice of public meeting. Find out more on how to participate in a public Commission meeting.

Attending or observing public Commission meetings

Most Commission meetings are open to the public. Members of the public who wish to observe meetings can do so without stating their intention to attend the meeting. Meetings that are held "in-camera" (closed session, in whole or in part) when certain protected information cannot be discussed in a public forum are not open to the public.

Find out more about how to observe a public Commission meeting.

Watch a public Commission hearing or meeting online

If you are interested in learning about what happens at a public hearing or meeting, watch public Commission webcasts. All webcasts are archived on the CNSC website for at least one year.

Meeting documents

During a public meeting, simultaneous interpretation in one or the other of Canada's official languages is provided. Verbatim transcripts and webcasts are produced and published on the CNSC Web site the week following the meeting. The meeting minutes are approved at the next Commission meeting and published afterwards.

Notices of meetings and agendas

A notice of Commission meeting, followed by a meeting agenda, will be published in advance of the meeting and posted on this website. The notice of Commission meeting provides information on the purpose of the meeting, date, time and location.

You can also receive email notification of new information posted on CNSC Web site by adding your email address to our Subscription centre.

Other meeting documents


For more information about public meetings, contact the Commission Registry.

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