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Leadership and Management Review

Abstract of the presentation: Leadership and Management Review
Date: December 12–15, 2016

Prepared by:
Pierre Lahaie, Director, Management Systems
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission


A key responsibility for senior leaders of organizations is to ensure that the management system remains effective in making it possible to achieve diverse objectives and strategic priorities. What was once a review of the effectiveness of an organization’s performance through a quality assurance program has now broadened in scope through evolution to a single or integrated management system. The management processes of self-assessments, independent audits, problem identification and resolution, as well as the use of key performance indicators, serve to provide the information needed by senior leaders in order to complete a comprehensive management review of performance. Other metrics come into play as well. The management review process, in the case of larger and more complex organizations, often provides an indirect assessment of the management system’s effectiveness as demonstrated by the performance of key programs. The more direct assessments of the management system are typically captured in high-level generalizations. In less complex organizations, the degree to which the management system’s effectiveness is directly assessed appears to be higher.

This presentation will provide the regulator’s insight on good practices for management review that are in place in Canada’s nuclear sector, as well as opportunities to improve on them.  

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