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Presentation on CSA standard N290.12, Human factors in design for nuclear power plants

Abstract of the presentation presented at:
First CNSC-KINS Bilateral Technical Information Exchange Meeting
October 18, 2016 (second day of the meeting with KINS)
First of two presentations

Prepared by:
André Bouchard and Alice Salway
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission


Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) staff were part of a technical steering committee that developed a new Canadian Standards Association standard, CSA N290.12-14, Human factors in design for nuclear power plants, published in December 2014, which is an industry consensus standard. CNSC staff and Canadian NPP licensees are working to implement this standard into nuclear power plant (NPP) licensing bases. This presentation describes the standard, with a focus on "evaluations" of the systems, structures and components being designed and implemented. The approach for human factors in design was developed for NPP modifications, as well as for new build power reactors. However, this approach is well positioned to ensure safety with the introduction of small reactor designs, which include novel technologies or operating concepts.

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