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Highlights of Canadian Nuclear Criticality Safety Standards, Regulation, and Guidance

Abstract of the journal article published in:
ISO/ TC 85/ SC 5/ WG 8 
“Nuclear Criticality Safety”, New Delhi, India
April 6, 2016

Prepared by:
V. Khotylev
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


The objective of this presentation is to support the ISO/ TC 85/ SC 5/ WG 8 working group in developing and modifying ISO standards based on best international practices. This presentation highlights and discusses key Canadian national requirements on nuclear criticality safety in relation to ISO and IAEA standards and guidance.

The presentation covers the topics of safety criteria and safety margins, exemptions, management system, criticality safety assessment, methodology for conducting the criticality safety assessment, verification and validation of the calculation method and nuclear data, transport, causes and consequences of a criticality accident, criticality detection and alarm systems.

The principal conclusion is that the key national Canadian requirements on nuclear criticality safety are very similar or identical to ISO and IAEA standards and guidance. As such, Canada is already following international best practices. 

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