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Radionuclide Information Booklet

Last updated: February 2023

The Radionuclide Information Booklet provides practical information for radiation protection specialists at facilities licensed by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC).

This document provides information on various nuclear substances such as: their radiation characteristics, external and internal dose constants and coefficients, clearance and exemption quantities, detection methods, and safety precautions. These information pages may be posted at CNSC-licensed facilities as a convenient way to quickly find information. This publication replaces the Radiation Safety Data Sheets.

As this document is periodically updated, please ensure you have an up-to-date version. The most recent version is 7.0.

If you have suggestions for specific additional content, including information on other radionuclides, send your comments to the CNSC.

Read the booklet (PDF, 2.09 MB)

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