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Preliminary Survey of Risk Management Audit


The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission's (CNSC) 2009-2010 Risk-Based Audit Plan calls for a Preliminary Survey of Risk Management (RM). The preliminary survey was conducted by consultants, in conjunction with an Audit Manager at CNSC to determine the degree in which CNSC was implementing the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat's (TBS) Integrated Risk Management Framework (IRMF) and identify potential areas for management focus in moving RM forward within the organization.

Based on the results of the preliminary survey along with CNSC's external requirements and audit-ability criteria, a recommendation was made on whether to conclude at this stage or to continue with a full audit.

In 2001, TBS released an Integrated Risk Management Framework and was accompanied in 2004 by an Implementation Guide. The Framework is designed to strengthen risk management practices within the Public Service by providing departments and agencies with an approach to integrating RM into an organization's decision-making process and managing risk on an aggregate basis, while allowing organizations the flexibility to develop their own approaches that meet their unique operating environment. CNSC was assessed against the expectations outlined in these guidance documents.

The purpose of this document is to present the findings of the assessment of CNSC's progress in implementing integrated risk management (IRM).

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