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Milestones for the redevelopment of Cameco Corporation's Port Hope Conversion Facility (Vision 2010)

Licensing progress details (timelines and steps are best estimates, subject to change, and assume a similar process as has been established for other comprehensive studies).

Key project milestones1 :

Responsibility and Status



The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) and other Federal Authorities


Cameco Corporation submits a project description to the CNSC 


Completed by Cameco Corporation

June 22, 2006


Project description circulation

Federal coordination was conducted by the (CNSC) with a project description (letter sent to CEAA, AECL, NRCan, TC, EC, DFO, HC, and INAC)


June 2006

Fall 2006

Notice of environmental assessment posted

Completed by the CNSC and CEAA


October 19, 2006
Amended  March 4, 2008 and Jan 6, 2009 (current)

CEAR # 06-03-22672

Public comment period on draft scoping Document

The CNSC and CEAA release draft scoping document for public review


Draft guidelines posted on CEAR for comment March 5-April 11, 2008


The CNSC and agency participated in Cameco public open house March 19, 2008


Announcement of participant funding

The participant funding announced in conjunction with the consultation period for the EA guidelines. A participant funding decision announcement to follow the track decision.


March 5, 2008


Consult First Nations on the draft scoping document



March 5, 2008

Five FNs contacted and invited to comment on scope.
The participant funding announced in conjunction with the public review period for the EA Guidelines.

Final scoping document agreed and published



Proposed EA guidelines (including scope) posted on August 28, 2008

Followed the completion of the consultation period.

Track report prepared



August 1, 2008


CNSC public hearing on scope and track of environmental assessment



Notice of hearing posted Sept 29
Hearing held November 6 2008 .
CNSC announced its decision on EA track report on December 18, 2008  


Track report to the Minister

CNSC submitted to the Minister of the Environment.


December 23, 2008


Minister's track decision

Minister's decision


March 24, 2009 (track decision announcement)


Announcement of Participant Funding Program



March 27, 2009


Facility tour

CEAA and CNSC coordination


September 25, 2009


Environmental impact statement (EIS) prepared (technical studies) submitted



January 2011


Review of EIS

CNSC to coordinate federal review


March 2011

FRT to review the draft EIS - ensure guidelines have been met and confirm technical accuracy/acceptability.
CNSC to coordinate comments.

Draft comprehensive study report (CSR) and federal review

CNSC and FAs


Allow eight weeks



First Nations and public review of proposed CSR

CNSC to post availability of draft CSR for First Nation and public review period


Allow 4–6 weeks (open house in midst of review period)


Open house on EA process and comprehensive study report



September 22, 2011 (6-9 pm)

Open house to discuss EA process and draft comprehensive study report (Port Hope)

Submission of CSR to the Minister of Environment

The CNSC to formally submit the report to the Minister of the Environment and cc agency's President


Date to be determined


Public comment period on CSR

Agency commence public comments


Allow minimum of 30 days.


Following submission to the Minister, the report will be made available for a minimum 30 day public and First Nations consultation period.

Address public comments received on the CSR



Allow 2-4 weeks to address public comments


Comments to be addressed prior to the Minister making a decision. A minimum of two weeks should be scheduled for addressing any comments received (timing will depend on the extent of comments).

Minister's EA decision

The Minister will make an EA decision and refer the project back to CNSC for a course of action under section 37 of the Act.


Date to be determined


Licensing decision
public hearing

The CNSC, under Section 37 of the Act, holds a public hearing on the licence application


Date to be determined


1 Anticipated timing does not take into consideration time required for the proponent to submit required information.

Note: CNSC licensing processes will continue in parallel with the EA process, however CNSC licensing decisions cannot precede the EA decision.

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