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Gentilly-1 Waste Facility

The Gentilly-1 Nuclear Generating Station (G-1) was the site of a 250 MW(e) CANDU prototype reactor, which was put into service in 1972. The reactor operated intermittently until 1978 for a total of 183 effective full-power days. In 1984, the decision was made to permanently shut down the reactor.

In 1986, after a two-year program, G-1 was brought to a safe shutdown state and was relicensed by the CNSC as the Gentilly-1 Waste Management Facility. The facility is currently in a long-term storage state with ongoing monitoring referred to as storage with surveillance.

In 2014, the CNSC issued a 20-year waste facility decommissioning licence for prototype waste facilities, which included G-1. In 2019, the G-1 Waste Management Facility was relicensed as the G-1 Waste Facility. The facility is currently owned by Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. and operated by Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) Ltd.

Facility Information

Location: The G-1 Waste Facility is located on the Hydro-Québec Gentilly-2 Nuclear Generating Station site near Bécancour, Quebec, on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River.
Licensee: Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Ltd.
Status: Storage with surveillance
Licence expires: December 31, 2034

Focus on safety and the environment

The CNSC is committed to protecting the safety of people and the environment. Click below for current environmental and safety performance data for the Gentilly-1 Waste Facility.

Latest facility-specific updates

Disclosure protocol

As part of the CNSC’s regulatory requirements, major licensees must have robust public information and disclosure programs in place. View CNL’s Public Information Program.

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