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Other monitoring programs and reporting

To assist readers, the CNSC has compiled a list of other departments, levels of government, agencies, and licensees of nuclear facilities that conduct monitoring and reporting in the areas of radiation and environmental protection.
This list will be updated on a regular basis. If you know of other monitoring programs that we should consider including, please contact us.

**Note: The CNSC is not responsible for the accuracy of information supplied by external parties. If you have questions about this information, please consult directly with the information owner. Content provided by external parties may not be subject to official languages, privacy and accessibility requirements.

Federal monitoring and reporting

Health Canada

Environment and Climate Change Canada

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Provincial monitoring and reporting



Municipal monitoring and reporting

The Province of Ontario, through the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, regulates municipal drinking water systems to ensure water safety and quality. Provincial standards require that municipalities test many parameters including radiological substances and chemicals, which may be related to the nuclear industry. Municipalities are required to report annually the results.

Licensee monitoring and reporting

Under the Nuclear Safety and Control Act (NSCA), the licensee of each nuclear facility is required to develop, implement and maintain an environmental monitoring program to demonstrate that the public and the environment are protected from emissions related to the facility's nuclear activities. The results of these monitoring programs are submitted annually to the CNSC to verify compliance with applicable guidelines and limits. We also compare our IEMP results to licensees' annual environmental compliance reports to verify that the public and environment remain protected. Our findings are made public through our annual regulatory oversight reports on the nuclear industry.

Each licensee has made available to the public their monitoring results in various formats, or they are made available upon request. 

Other monitoring and reporting

To learn about the CNSC's response and actions following the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in 2011, please visit our Fukushima webpage.

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