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Latest news: Canadian Standards Association to develop EDO certification standard

June 2011

The Industrial Radiography Working Group recently reviewed the current exposure device operator (EDO) certification and concluded that a re-examination and modernization of the certification requirements and process is needed. The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) guidance document G-229, Certification of Exposure Device Operators, will be replaced with an appropriate occupation-specific standard developed by a committee consisting of government and industry stakeholders under the guidance of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). The proposed standard will take information currently found in G-229 and provide requirements for the radiography industry with respect to training, certification, renewal and recertification of EDOs.

A CSA standard specific to the certification of EDOs will enhance the current CNSC certification process by relating it directly to the occupational health, safety and security requirements of Canadian EDOs and EDO trainees. The new standard will also incorporate Canada’s first consensus‑based workplace health and safety management standard, CSA Z-1000-06, Occupational Health and Safety Management. The committee is taking the consensus‑based approach to develop the document to ensure that no single group dominates the process.

After the new standard is published, the CSA will establish a permanent committee to regularly review, update and refine it. This will ensure the standard continues to reflect developments in safety and technology, as well as current marketplace realities.

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