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Document History of REGDOC-2.9.2, Controlling Releases to the Environment

View draft REGDOC-2.9.2 [e-consultation] [PDF | 64 pages, 2.56 MB]


Regulatory document REGDOC-2.9.2, Controlling Releases to the Environment, sets out the CNSC’s requirements and guidance for controlling releases to the environment, through:

  • applying the concept of best available technology and techniques, economically achievable (BATEA)
  • establishing and implementing licensed release limits and action levels for releases to the environment
  • commissioning a treatment system and confirming performance
  • implementing adaptive management where required

This is the first version of this regulatory document. It is meant to be used in conjunction with REGDOC-2.9.1, Environmental Protection: Environmental Principles, Assessments and Protection Measures, Version 1.2, previously published by the CNSC in September 2020.

Environmental protection for nuclear facilities and activities is done in accordance with the Nuclear Safety and Control Act and the regulations made under it. The CNSC requires the environmental effects of all nuclear facilities or activities to be considered and evaluated when licensing decisions are made.

CNSC staff will use these documents to assess the environmental protection measures for licence applications for proposed new nuclear facilities or activities, licence applications for licence renewals and amendments for existing facilities or activities (renewals and amendments), and environmental protection measures. For existing facilities and activities, this document will also be used to assess a licensee’s environmental protection measures when an unreasonable risk has been identified and adaptive management is required.

Early engagement with CNSC staff is encouraged for facilities or activities with potential interactions with the environment or for applicants uncertain as to their facility’s or activity’s potential for interaction with the environment. CNSC staff can provide facility- or activity-specific guidance to assist applicants and licensees.


August 12, 2021: Consultation is now closed.

Document Milestone Dates Links
Consultation March 29, 2021 to July 27, 2021, including period for feedback on comments received Draft REGDOC-2.9.2 [e-consultation] [PDF | 64 pages, 2.56 MB]

Consultation report [PDF]

Presentation to the Commission TBD TBD
Publication TBD TBD

Contact information

For questions and information related to REGDOC-2.9.2, Controlling Releases to the Environment, please contact:

Directorate of Environmental and Radiation Protection and Assessment
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
280 Slater St
PO Box 1046 Stn B
Ottawa ON  K1P 5S9

Telephone: 1-800-668-5284 (Canada only)
Fax: 613-995-5086

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