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Ron Stenson

Wastes and Decommissioning

Head shot of Ron Stenson
Ron Stenson,
Senior Project Officer

Ron is currently a senior project officer at the CNSC, performing licensing, compliance and enforcement activities for operating and historic uranium mine and mill sites. He joined the CNSC in 1993, and his extensive experience allows him to serve as the corporate memory for many waste management files.

Expertise and education

Ron holds a bachelor of science with honours in earth sciences from Brock University, and a master of science in earth surface processes from McMaster University.

In 2012, after being nominated by his peers, he received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his work on historic sites in Canada’s North.

Roles and responsibilities

Following the implementation of the Nuclear Safety and Control Act in 2000, Ron managed the CNSC’s Contaminated Lands Evaluation and Assessment Network to help apply this more modern legislation’s new requirements for contaminated sites, which were not covered by the previous act.

He has worked extensively on regulating legacy sites in Canada and abroad, and through the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), has worked on contaminated site regulation in Europe, Central Asia and Africa. In 2015, Ron was invited to work for the IAEA in Vienna to advance its legacy sites work internationally.

As a senior team member, Ron takes pride in mentoring and guiding others.

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