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Richard Snider

Uranium Mines and Mills Division, Saskatoon Regional Office

Richard Snider,
Senior Project Officer

Richard has been working with the CNSC since 2016.

Expertise and education

Richard earned a bachelor of science degree in environmental engineering from the University of Guelph and is a registered professional engineer within the Province of Saskatchewan.

Prior to joining the CNSC, Richard’s roles focused on working in and regulating the mining industry in Canada, concentrating on projects in the Yukon and Saskatchewan. As a senior project officer in the Uranium Mines and Mills Division (UMMD), Richard continues to apply and build on this experience.

Richard’s work focuses mainly on environmental factors, Commission proceedings, compliance and licensing of operating and decommissioned facilities, and on outreach efforts.

Roles and responsibilities

Richard’s work includes supporting the regulation of the development, production, possession, use and transport of nuclear substances, the regulation of uranium mines and mills through oversight of licensees, and the licensing and compliance process of operating and decommissioned facilities.

Richard also contributes to outreach and engagement activities with Indigenous Nations and communities and the public. He assists in creating an environment where people are comfortable reaching out. This is also a key component of the CNSC’s mandate to disseminate information about CNSC activities and the effects of uranium mines and mills on the environment and the health and safety of persons.

Other roles

Richard mentors inspectors-in-training through the CNSC’s Inspector Training and Qualification Program to ensure that the CNSC continues to have qualified inspectors available to fulfill its mandate.

One of the highlights in Richard’s CNSC career has been the release of Beaverlodge Project properties from the CNSC-issued licence and the transfer of these properties to the Province of Saskatchewan’s Institutional Control Program. Under this program, the Province uses funds provided by the licensee to monitor and maintain the properties for the long term.

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