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Nana Kwamena

Environmental Assessment Division

Nana Kwamena,

Nana joined the CNSC in 2011 as an Environmental Risk Assessment Officer. Since then, she has held a variety of positions within the Directorate of Environmental and Radiation Protection and Assessment related to environmental assessment, compliance, outreach, environmental risk assessment, and emergency preparedness.

Expertise and education

Nana has a Bachelor of Science with honours in chemistry from McGill University and a PhD in atmospheric chemistry from the University of Toronto. She completed her studies with two post-doctoral fellowships in physical chemistry – one at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom and another at the University of Toronto.

Roles and responsibilities

As Director of the Environmental Assessment Division, Nana leads a team of specialists responsible for ensuring the CNSC meets the requirements of federal legislation in managing environmental and impact assessments. Her team coordinates the CNSC’s role in these assessments to ensure the environmental effects of proposed projects are examined prior to any licensing action under the Nuclear Safety and Control Act.

Nana and her team also consult with Indigenous Nations and communities, and members of the public, to ensure these groups have the opportunity to present their perspectives on a project.

Other roles

Nana completed a 1-year assignment as a Senior Project Officer responsible for leading the CNSC’s preparation for the Integrated Regulatory Review Service mission to Canada in 2019. The mission provided valuable insights on Canada’s framework for safety and the CNSC’s core regulatory processes.

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