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Kimberly Hazelton

Director of the Power Reactor Licensing and Compliance Integration Division

Kimberly Hazelton,

Kimberly Hazelton has been working with the CNSC since 2006.

Expertise and education

Kimberly earned an undergraduate degree in radiation sciences from the University of Toronto. She also holds a diploma in nuclear medicine technology from the Michener Institute.

Kimberly began her career as an inspector in the CNSC’s Directorate of Nuclear Substances Regulation. She spent 11 years at the CNSC’s Darlington site office as an inspector and site supervisor.

Roles and responsibilities

Currently, Kimberly is the director of the Power Reactor Licensing and Compliance Integration Division (PRLCID). She leads a team responsible for developing and preparing the annual regulatory oversight report for nuclear power generating sites; and for preparing and presenting Canada’s national report to the IAEA Convention on Nuclear Safety.

Kimberly is also responsible for supporting, evaluating, improving and integrating processes for the Power Reactor Regulatory Program.

Other roles

Kimberly represents the CNSC as Canada’s representative of the Working Group on Reactor Oversight, under the Nuclear Energy Agency’s Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities. Her extensive experience positions her well to contribute to the ongoing improvement of our compliance program, and to support the CNSC’s priority to be a leader in global nuclear efforts.

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