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Elaine Kanasewich

Nuclear Non-Proliferation with the Non-Proliferation and Export Controls Division

Elaine Kanasewich,
Senior Advisor

Elaine Kanasewich has been working with the CNSC since 2010.

Expertise and education

Elaine holds an undergraduate degree in international relations and a master’s degree in strategic affairs.

Elaine’s main area of expertise is nuclear non-proliferation policy and disarmament.

Roles and responsibilities

As a senior advisor, Elaine’s role is to engage in the review and authorization of import and export licensees for nuclear and nuclear-related dual-use items, support the negotiations and implementation of Canada’s nuclear cooperation agreements and associated administrative arrangements, and participate in multilateral meetings addressing nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear disarmament issues.

Other roles

Elaine’s work ensures that Canadian nuclear exports are transferred in accordance with Canadian domestic laws and international obligations to provide assurance that these exports are used strictly for peaceful purposes. She accomplishes this by performing duties related to import/export authorization as well as by assisting in the negotiation and implementation of nuclear cooperation agreements.

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