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Daniel Tello

Senior Research Program Officer with the Innovation and Research Division

Daniel Tello,
Senior Research Program Officer

Daniel joined the CNSC in 2007. Currently, he leads the Research and Support Program in the Innovation and Research Division, which was formed in 2021 and is part of the office of the Chief Science Officer in the Technical Support Branch. Previously, he served in the Directorate of Assessment and Analysis (DAA) and the Strategic Planning Directorate.

Expertise and education

Daniel holds a mechanical engineering degree from McMaster University. His work directly links to all areas of the CNSC’s mandate by supporting research related to the health, safety and security of Canadians, as well as the environment. Additionally, the research reports and the posting of their summaries on the CNSC website support the dissemination of scientific information, a pillar of the Research and Support Program.

Roles and responsibilities

Daniel’s role ensures that the CNSC’s research needs are met. This is done by establishing either collaborative agreements (also called contribution agreements) with non-profit organizations, academic institutions or government bodies, or by establishing research contracts with consultants or academic institutions. For example, Daniel recently led the CNSC’s collaboration with the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), through which his team implemented the NSERC-CNSC SMR Research Grant Initiative in support of the CNSC’s readiness strategy regarding small modular reactors. That collaboration activity was also part of another role he plays, that of SMR lead in his division.

Daniel’s favourite part of the job is being aware of the latest science and innovation priorities within most of the technical areas of the CNSC, including some key challenges and gaps, and bringing this information to staff.

Other roles

The CNSC’s Research and Support Program has goals that are aligned with the CNSC’s corporate priorities. Daniel leads the development of the research plan and ensures that all projects are clearly linked to the research goals.

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