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Apply for new job opportunities and find out more about the friendly work environment, opportunities for growth and development, and competitive pay and benefits.

For career seekers

Life at the CNSC

Get to know the workplace culture and comprehensive employee benefits package.

Job opportunities

Search job opportunities and stay up to date by signing up for career alerts.

How to apply

Learn about the job application process.

How to prepare

Learn about the assessment process and how you can prepare.

Key behavioural competencies

Learn about the important behaviours successful candidates must demonstrate.

Students and new graduates

Learn about the student and new graduate program.

Working at the CNSC

Salary ranges

Salary and pay ranges for all CNSC employees

Collective agreement

Terms and conditions of the collective agreement between the CNSC and the Nuclear Regulatory Group (NUREG)

Public service benefit plan

Information about pension, dental, health and insurance benefits

Employee benefits at a glance

Benefit information for employees

Student benefits at a glance

Benefit information for students

Executive benefits at a glance

Benefit information for executives


CNSC Experts

Learn more about CNSC experts and the important work they do.

We are the CNSC

Video of CNSC employees serving Canadians by ensuring nuclear safety in Canada

Life at the CNSC

Video showcasing what life is like at the CNSC

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