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REGDOC-3.2.2, Aboriginal Engagement, sets out requirements and guidance for licensees whose proposed projects may raise the Crown’s duty to consult. While the CNSC cannot delegate its obligation, it can delegate procedural aspects of the consultation process to licensees. The information collected and measures proposed by licensees to avoid, mitigate or offset adverse impacts may be used by the CNSC in meeting its consultation obligations. The requirements in this document are in addition to those found in RD/GD-99.3, Public Information and Disclosure, and are meant to ensure that potential or established Aboriginal and/or treaty rights are considered.

The implementation of REGDOC-3.2.2 is expected to lead to more effective and efficient Aboriginal engagement practices, strengthen relationships with Aboriginal communities, assist the CNSC in meeting its duty to consult obligations, and reduce the risk of delays in the regulatory review processes.

Status: published February 2016

Document Milestone Dates Links
Consultation October 15, 2014 to
February 16, 2015
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View the consultation version of draft REGDOC-3.2.2 (HTML version of draft REGDOC-3.2.2) (PDF version of REGDOC-3.2.2).
Invitation to provide feedback on comments received March 2, 2015 to
March 23, 2015

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Feedback received March 25, 2015

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Presentation to the Commission January 28, 2016 View the consultation report (PDF) and comments table (PDF)
Publication February 12, 2016 View News Release

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