Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

We regulate the use of nuclear energy and materials to protect health, safety, security and the environment.

We also implement Canada’s international commitments on the peaceful use of nuclear energy, and disseminate objective scientific, technical and regulatory information to the public.

A variety of icons and symbols showing multiple facets of what the CNSC represents, including a maple leaf, a transmission tower, a document, a dove and a tree. - Multiples facettes de ce que représente la Commission canadienne de sûreté nucléaire, dont une feuille d’érable, un pylône de transmission électrique et la nature (une colombe, une feuille et un arbre).

The CNSC actively consults, builds relationships and works with Indigenous Nations and communities in Canada to ensure the safe and effective regulation of nuclear energy and materials.

The Commission

Scheduled Commission meetings and hearings, documentation, decisions and information on public participation

Protecting people and the environment

Environmental assessments, review of and participation in environmental protection activities

Emergency management and nuclear security

Plans and programs for emergencies and for non-routine conditions

Nuclear substances

Uses of nuclear substances and radiation devices in Canada, and information about certification


Regulation of nuclear waste in Canada, and maps of waste management facility locations

Nuclear reactors

Nuclear power plants, research reactors, small modular reactors and other shut-down or decommissioned reactors


Uranium mines and mills, and uranium processing facilities in Canada

Acts and regulations

Acts and regulations, nuclear regulatory requirements, agreements and regulatory actions

Funding Programs

Participant Funding Program, Research and Support Program, Indigenous Stakeholder Capacity Fund

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Near Surface Disposal Facility

Near Surface Disposal Facility

Learn about the proposal

A landscape with a small modular reactor between 2 transmission towers.

Small modular reactors

Regulating small modular reactors

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