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Talking to communities about the CNSC's early involvement in the NWMO's Adaptive Phased Management approach

In May 2010, the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) launched its site selection process to select a community to host a deep geological repository for the long-term management of Canada's used nuclear fuel. This site selection was undertaken as part of the Adaptive Phased Management (APM) approach.

At this early stage of the APM approach, the CNSC is meeting with communities and Indigenous groups interested in learning more about its regulatory role and the licensing process for any application for a deep geological repository for Canada's used nuclear fuel. These sessions take place at the request of community representatives, such as community liaison committees (CLCs), and usually include the following steps:

  • an initial conference call between a community/CLC representative and CNSC staff to scope out topics of interest
  • presentations by the CNSC at CLC meetings in the community or virtually
  • information sessions, such as an open house in the community or virtually

CNSC staff presentations typically cover one or more the following topics:

  • overview of the CNSC's independent regulatory role and its early involvement in the APM approach
  • regulatory considerations, including the CNSC licensing process
  • participation in the Commission hearing process, Indigenous consultation, Participant Funding Program and other public information programs
  • geotechnical aspects of a deep geological repository
  • transportation and safety of used nuclear fuel
  • how the CNSC works with other regulatory bodies to fulfill its mandate when licensing nuclear facilities and activities
  • the CNSC's independent research program
  • the CNSC's international collaboration
  • pre-project design reviews of geological repository concepts

Community meetings and events with the CNSC

Please contact us through general inquiries if your community is interested in meeting with the CNSC about its early involvement in the NWMO's APM approach for a deep geological repository of Canada's used nuclear fuel.

Meetings with communities

To date, the CNSC has met with the following communities and Indigenous groups:

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