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Access to proactive disclosures, non-confidential data and information, consultations, and more in support of making government more accessible and transparent for everyone.

Departmental plans

Performance goals for the coming fiscal year

Departmental results report

Performance targets met for the previous fiscal year

Annual Reports

Organizational accomplishments for the previous fiscal year

Financial reports

Quarterly spending at a departmental level

Proactive disclosures

Proactive disclosures of information, made public so that Canadians and Parliament are better able to hold the Government and public sector officials to account.


Public consultations and reports on completed consultations

Access to information and privacy

Application of the Access to Information Act, annual reports to Parliament

Internal audit and evaluation reports

Assessments and recommendations on the CNSC’s oversight of its regulation of the nuclear industry

Employment equity

Annual employment equity reports that outline key measures taken to achieve employment equity

Service Standards

Service standards publicly state the level of performance that citizens can reasonably expect to encounter under normal circumstances.


Bid solicitations and tender notices for the CNSC and the Government of Canada.

Departmental sustainable development strategies

Actions to advance the Government of Canada’s broader Federal Sustainable Development Strategy

Supply chains

Annual reports outlining measures taken to prevent and reduce the risk of forced labour or child labour in supply chains

Open Government

Open information

Easy access to all information on Government of Canada departments.

Open data

Search for data about Government of Canada services, financials, national demographic information or high resolution maps.

Open government

Participate in conversations, find data and digital records, and learn about open government.

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