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Eligibility criteria

Eligible applicants

Eligible applicants are individuals or organizational representatives who are able to demonstrate:

  • a direct, local interest in the project, such as living and/or owning property near the project area
  • Indigenous traditional knowledge (ITK) and/or community knowledge relevant to the project
  • potential or established Aboriginal and/or Treaty rights which may be impacted by the project
  • value-added information relevant to the CNSC's mission and specific to the project
  • individuals and organizations seeking funding for similar activities are encouraged to work together on their proposals when feasible

Not-for-profit organizations: Applications from not-for-profit organizations are only accepted if one person in the group assumes individual responsibility for signing the contribution agreement (should funding be approved), and therefore also assumes the legal responsibility of carrying out all terms of the contribution agreement.

Individuals and organizations are ineligible for participant funding if they:

  • are a ‘for-profit’ organization
  • possess a direct commercial interest in the project
  • work for the project proponent
  • Funding award process
  • represent another level of government, other than an Indigenous government

Eligible expenses

The CNSC only awards PFP funding for expenses considered eligible, reasonable and necessary to bring value-added information to the Commission. Eligible expenses are:

  • professional fees
  • travel and incidentals
  • honoraria for chiefs or elders, or holders of Indigenous traditional knowledge (ITK) and/or community knowledge
  • administrative costs

Other costs will be considered by the CNSC’s Independent Funding Review Committee (FRC) on a case-by-case basis. Please refer to the PFP Guide for further guidance.

Expenses the CNSC will not cover include:

  • capital expenditures
  • construction costs
  • lost income
  • renovation of buildings
  • salaries and benefits
  • general operations and maintenance costs

Eligible activities

Eligible activities may vary depending upon the nature of the project under review and/or intervention for which PFP funding has been made available. Examples of eligible activities include:

  • review of Commission member documents (CMDs)
  • review of technical or environmental monitoring reports
  • travel to and/or participation in community meetings
  • travel to and/or participation in Commission proceedings
  • procurement of legal advice, but not legal representation
  • review of licence applications

If you have any questions regarding the eligibility criteria, please refer to the PFP Guide and/or contact the PFP administrator.

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