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World Nuclear University (WNU) Summer Institute

Each year, the CNSC looks to sponsor an employee for consideration to attend the WNU Summer Institute. The WNU Summer Institute is an intensive six-week leadership development programme held annually in different locations. It offers dynamic lectures, invited leaders presentations, field trips to nuclear and industrial facilities, social events and team projects led by some of the world’s foremost authorities. These cover the global energy setting and sustainable development, technology innovations, international safety regime, economics and project structuring. The programme also includes cultural and social events.

Meet this year’s participants

(Left to right: Vice-President, Regulatory Affairs Branch and Chief Communications Officer Jason Cameron; Marie-Pierre Grondin; President and CEO Michael Binder; Nhan Tran; and Executive Vice-President and Chief Regulatory Operations Officer Ramzi Jammal)

Marie-Pierre Grondin is a Senior Regulatory Policy Officer and has been working with the CNSC for nine years. She provides strategic advice and leadership on the development and implementation of the CNSC’s regulatory framework, the assessment of the Nuclear Security Regulations and oversight of divisional projects. Marie-Pierre previously worked as an Environmental Assessment Officer and as an Independent Environmental Monitoring Program (IEMP) Coordinator when she received the Government of Canada’s Digital Communications Award for her work with the IEMP.

Nhan Tran is a Senior Project Officer with the Directorate of Nuclear Cycle and Facilities Regulation and has been working with the CNSC for eight years. In his role as a Senior Project Officer, Nhan leads and coordinates teams of project officers and specialists in carrying out licensing and compliance activities at various Canadian nuclear Facilities. Nhan regularly provides expert reporting on the performance of CNSC-licensed facilities at Commission hearings and contributes to the development of regulatory documents, which establish the regulatory framework by providing detail on the requirements of the Nuclear Safety and Control Act.

The CNSC is committed to being an employer of choice through the quality of its leadership at every level and through its focus on staff and their working environment. As an employer of choice, the CNSC believes that employees flourish in an atmosphere that offers them meaningful work, allows them to contribute to society and affords them the opportunity to grow as professionals. WNU’s Summer Institute gives the Fellows an opportunity to grow in these and many areas both professionally and personally, which makes the CNSC proud to send two talented employees to attend.

Learn more about the WNU Summer Institute.

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