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The Millennium Uranium Mining Project

The Impact Assessment Act (IAA) came into force August 28, 2019. Ongoing projects with environmental assessments initiated under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 (CEAA 2012) and led by the CNSC, will continue under their current processes. The IAA contains provisions to enable these projects to advance in this way.

Applicant: Cameco Corporation

Location: The Millennium project is located in Northern Saskatchewan, approximately 155 km southwest of Wollaston Lake, 600 km north of Saskatoon, and 36 km northeast of the Key Lake uranium mill. The nearest community is Wollaston Lake.

Summary: On May 15, 2014, Cameco informed the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission(CNSC) that it does not wish to proceed with the licensing of the Millennium Mine Project at this time due to current economic conditions.

As a result, the public hearing for consideration of the environmental assessment (EA) report and licensing of the Millennium Mine Project scheduled for June 18, 2014 was adjourned, and the EA report has been put on hold. If, at a later date, Cameco requests the Commission to consider the application for a licence for the project, the EA report will be re-opened and completed at that time.

The Millennium project was a proposed underground uranium mine. The project application was for a licence to prepare a site and construct access roads, a residential camp, an underground mine, an effluent treatment plant, temporary storage areas for uranium ore and waste rock, and a permanent surface disposal area for clean rock that will be excavated from the mine.

Licensing progress details (Timelines are best estimates and are subject to change.)

The EA and detailed technical assessment for licensing the Millennium project are being conducted over the same time period following a parallel process. In accordance with regulatory requirements, a licensing decision cannot be made until the appropriate EA decisions have been made.

Timelines associated with the EA Process to date
Activity Date
Submission of project proposal by proponent August 2009
Notice of commencement (posted on CEAR public registry) September 2009
Public review of project specific guidelines and scoping document (PSGSD) (30 days) July 2010
Commission hearing on PSGSD August 2010
Commission decision on  PSGSD September 22, 2010
Draft EIS submitted by Cameco July 6, 2012
Federal/Provincial comments provided to Cameco September 7, 2012
Revised EIS submitted by Cameco July 23, 2013
Acceptance of final revised EIS by the CNSC for the purpose of developing the EA report July 2013
Ministerial Decision to continue project as a designated project under CEAA 2012 October 7, 2013
Public and Aboriginal review of draft EA report October 17, 2013 to November 18, 2013
Notice of adjournment of public hearing and EA on hold (at Cameco’s request due to current economic conditions) May 15, 2014

For a more detailed schedule of upcoming milestones, we invite you to visit the Millennium Project Agreement hosted on the Major Projects Management Office website.

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