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Nuclear reactor facility - Darlington New Nuclear Project

The Darlington New Nuclear Project (DNNP) represents the site preparation, construction, operation, decommissioning and abandonment of up to 4 new nuclear reactors at the existing Darlington site, owned by Ontario Power Generation (OPG). The goal of this project is to generate electricity for the Ontario grid.

In December 2021, OPG announced its selection of the General Electric Hitachi BWRX-300 reactor for deployment at the DNNP site. The BWRX-300 is a 300 MWe water-cooled, natural circulation small modular reactor. In October 2022, OPG applied for a licence to construct one BWRX-300 reactor. CNSC staff are currently conducting a technical assessment of the application.

Location: Bowmanville, Municipality of Clarington, Ontario
Licensee: Ontario Power Generation (OPG)
Reactor type: BWRX-300
Owner: Ontario Power Generation
Number of units: Applied for 1 unit, with possibility of a future application for up to 3 additional units
Installed capacity: 0
Status: Holds a licence to prepare site granted until 2031
Licence to construct application submitted in October 31, 2022 (currently under CNSC review)
Commission hearings are currently underway in 2024
Licensing documentation: Request a copy of OPG’s licence documentation by emailing
Project information and reports: Open Government portal – Darlington New Nuclear Project - Information and Reports
Joint Review Panel decision history: Joint review panel (JRP): Darlington new nuclear power plant - Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
Facility website: Darlington New Nuclear Project
Timelines: Darlington New Nuclear Project timeline

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The CNSC uses information provided by licensees to create our own reports assessing the environmental effects of nuclear facilities or licensed activities. 

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The CNSC oversees licensee emergency planning and works with other levels of government to ensure the health and safety of Canadians. We also conduct and review health studies on various areas associated with the production, possession or use of nuclear substances.

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