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Glossary of common terms related to small modular reactors

On this page, common terms and abbreviations often associated with the Darlington New Nuclear Project (DNNP) and regulatory review are explained.

Term Abbreviation Definition
applicability of the environmental assessment -- A determination of whether the conclusions and predictions of the DNNP environmental assessment, taking into account mitigation measures and follow-up monitoring, remain valid for the operation of 4 BWRX-300 reactors.
BWRX-300 -- Ontario Power Generation’s proposed nuclear reactor technology design, developed by General Electric Hitachi Nuclear Energy.

Learn more about the CNSC’s pre-licencing vendor design review of the BWRX-300 and the collaborative review of the design with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Darlington New Nuclear Project DNNP The Darlington New Nuclear Project represents the site preparation, construction, operation, decommissioning and abandonment of up to 4 proposed nuclear reactors at the existing Darlington site, owned by Ontario Power Generation.
environmental impact statement EIS A consolidation of the studies and assessments performed through the environmental assessment process that stands as a record of the EA performed.
joint review panel JRP For the DNNP, a 3-member joint review panel was established under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 1992 to conduct a environmental assessment of the project site prior to any knowledge of the selected technology. The JRP submitted its full report (PDF) and their recommendations with the Minister of the Environment. Read the Government of Canada’s response to the JRP.
Ontario Power Generation OPG A Crown corporation responsible for electricity generation in the province of Ontario, Canada. Nuclear power is among the sources of electricity it produces with the Pickering Nuclear Generation Station and the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station.
Open Government OG or the Portal A searchable open-source project led by the Government of Canada. The Open Government portal encourages transparency and proactive disclosure of published information. Find DNNP information on the Portal.
Participant Funding Program PFP The CNSC’s Participant Funding Program enhances and assists individuals, not-for-profit organizations and Indigenous groups to participate in the environmental assessment and licensing process for major nuclear facilities. Watch the Participant Funding Program video.
plant parameter envelope PPE An approach used to determine a bounding scenario for purposes of environmental assessments using a standardized set of parameters, without specifying a specific reactor design.
selected reactor technology -- The type of nuclear reactor design the licensee has identified for the proposed nuclear facility.
small modular reactor SMR A new class of nuclear reactor that is considerably smaller in size and may potentially supply power (usually less than 300 megawatts electric) to smaller electrical grids or to remote, off-grid areas. Watch this short video to learn more.
Vendor design review VDR An optional pre-licensing service provided by the CNSC when requested by a vendor. It enables CNSC staff to provide feedback early in the design process; it is not an indication of intent to proceed with a project or involve the issuance of a licence.
Within the bounds of -- See “applicability of the environmental assessment

A separate glossary with terminology related to CNSC’s regulatory framework is available here:

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