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Waste management

The CNSC licenses, regulates and monitors radioactive waste management activities and facilities associated with the Canadian nuclear fuel cycle and other uses of nuclear substances to verify that they are planned, managed and operated safely. Wastes are produced by the nuclear fuel cycle as a result of activities associated with uranium mining and milling through to long-term management of used nuclear fuel (i.e., cradle-to-grave), and by other uses of nuclear substances, such as nuclear medicine and isotope production. Waste producers and owners are responsible for the funding, organization, management and operation of disposal and other facilities required for their wastes. It is the responsibility of the CNSC to licence, regulate and monitor Canada's radioactive waste management facilities to ensure they are operated safely. As with any other nuclear facility, the CNSC imposes rigorous approval and reporting requirements on the operators of nuclear waste management facilities, and verifies that facilities comply with established safety requirements through inspections and audits. The CNSC also coordinates and implements policies, strategies and plans with its federal and international partners to ensure that waste owners and those possessing radioactive waste manage it safely and securely.

In this category you will find research and technical information about waste characterization, waste minimization, waste management practices, and decommissioning plans and financial guarantees.

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