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From NURETH-2013 to NURETH-2019: Non-Critical Summary and Brief Contribution to the History of Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics

Abstract of the journal article to be submitted for publication in Nuclear Engineering and Design journal

Authors: Jovica Riznic, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission


This paper provides a brief overview of NURETH conferences, from NURETH-13 held in 2009 to NURETH-19 held in 2022. The presentation does not go into discussion of phenomena or their modeling, experimentation or simulations. Rather, it provides a high-level overview of seven conferences organized over the last 13 years. Given the complexity of nuclear reactor thermal hydraulics as a technical discipline and the exponential growth of technical meetings and even “scientific” publications, the author is aware that there is still room for different opinions on the importance and impact of the NURETH series of conferences in this field. The overall goal of the paper is therefore to stimulate constructive criticism and future discussions among members of the nuclear TH community on the place the NURETH conferences have in the history of the development of nuclear reactor thermal hydraulics and nuclear science, engineering and technology at large.

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