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COHERE – strengthening cooperation within the Canadian government on radiation research

Abstract of journal article published in International Journal of Radiation Biology

June 2021


Vinita Chauhan
Health Canada

Julie Leblanc
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Baki Sadi
Health Canada

Julie Burtt
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Kiza Sauvé
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Rachel Lane
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Kristi Randhawa
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Ruth Wilkins
Health Canada

Deborah Quayle
Health Canada



Canadian Organization on Health Effects from Radiation Exposure (COHERE) is a government initiative to better understand biological and human health risks from ionizing radiation exposures relevant to occupational and environmental settings (<100 mGy, <6 mGy/h). It is currently a partnership between two federal agencies, Health Canada (HC) and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). COHERE’s vision is to contribute knowledge to reduce scientific uncertainties from low dose and dose-rate exposures. COHERE will advance our understanding by bridging the knowledge gap between human health risks and linkages to molecular- and cellular-level responses to radiation. Research focuses on identifying sensitive, early, and key molecular events of relevance to risk assessment.


The initiative will address questions of relevance to better apprize Canadians, including radiation workers and members of the public and Indigenous peoples, on health risks from low dose radiation exposure and inform radiation protection frameworks at a national and international level. Furthermore, it will support global efforts to conduct collaborative undertakings and better coordinate research. Here, we describe a historical overview of the research conducted, the strategic research agenda that outlines the scientific framework, stakeholders, opportunities to harmonize internationally, and how research outcomes will better inform communication of risk to Canadians.

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