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Web-based PSA application: Risk Handbook to Support Regulatory Site Inspections of Nuclear Power Plants in Canada

Abstract of the presentation presented at:
IAEA Technical Meeting on the Enhancement of Methods, Approaches and Tools for Development and Application of Probabilistic Safety Assessment
September 29 to October 2 2020

Prepared by: Hayat Chatri
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission


In Canada, Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) is formally integrated in the regulatory process of nuclear power plants throughout the whole life cycle of a nuclear power plant. The CNSC uses the information provided by the PSA to support the regulatory oversight program and to develop a risk-informed compliance verification process.

As part of the ongoing risk-informed, performance-based approach in support of the regulatory compliance verification program, including site inspection activities, CNSC staff initiated an internal project called the Risk Handbook to summarize the licensees’ PSA results, important risk insights and the performance of important safety systems for CNSC inspectors. The project has two main objectives: to provide introductory PSA training to CNSC site inspectors, and to develop a user-friendly, web-based tool to summarize PSA results and insights in order to help CNSC staff optimize inspection planning and evaluate results. The overall intent of the Risk Handbook is to complement existing CNSC inspection manuals and procedures, while encouraging CNSC staff to consider PSA results and insights as an additional input for the conduct of regulatory activities, primarily focusing on applications for inspections.

This presentation will provide an overview of the CNSC’s PSA requirements for NPP licensees and on the CNSC’s risk-informed approach. It will then discuss the Risk Handbook’s purpose, development and structure, lessons learned and general conclusions.

To obtain a copy of the abstract’s document, please contact us at or call 613-995-5894 or 1-800-668-5284 (in Canada). When contacting us, please provide the title and date of the abstract.

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