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Battery Aging: Battery Degradations in Safety Electrical Power Systems for Nuclear Power Plants

Abstract of technical presentation presented at:
IAEA Technical Meeting of Direct Current Power Systems and Application of New Devices in Safety Electrical Power for Nuclear Power Plants
December 2-6, 2019

Prepared by:
D. Ndomba and N. El Dabaghi
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission


The presentation will provide a brief description of battery degradations and failures due to aging (such as battery cracks) in Safety Electrical Power Systems (EPS) for Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs).

Batteries are key equipment for the safe and reliable operation of the DC power systems in Safety EPS for NPP when no Alternate Current (AC) power supplies are available. Typically, they are designed to operate for up to twenty years; but this may be shortened due to various causes.

This presentation describes physical degradation of batteries, operability assessment (including OPEX), battery degradation/failure causes and consequences on the operability of batteries, corrective measures, and lessons learned.

The presentation concludes with a reasonable assurance on whether the battery age-related degradation affects the safe and reliable operation of DC power systems in safety EPS for NPPs.

To obtain a copy of the abstract’s document, please contact us at or call 613-995-5894 or 1-800-668-5284 (in Canada). When contacting us, please provide the title and date of the abstract.

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