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Verifying and Enforcing Compliance with Canada's Regulatory Requirements: Regulatory Staff Training

International Seminar on the Regulatory Inspection of Nuclear Facilities with Respect to Nuclear Security
May 11, 2018

Prepared by:
Martin Vesely
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission


The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) regulates the use of nuclear energy and materials to protect health, safety, security and the environment, and to implement Canada's international commitments on the peaceful use of nuclear energy; and to disseminate objective scientific, technical and regulatory information to the public.

The Canadian Nuclear Safety and Control Act as well as the Regulations made pursuant to the Act provide the basis of a well-defined regulatory framework.

In August 2014, the CNSC published Regulatory Document 2.2.2 "Personnel Training". This document sets out requirements and guidance for the analysis, design, development, implementation, evaluation, documentation and management of training at nuclear facilities within Canada, including the essential principles and elements of an effective training system.

Regulatory Document 2.2.2 "Personnel Training" applies to workers engaged in licensed activities in nuclear facilities or where nuclear substances or prescribed equipment are produced, used, possessed, packaged or disposed of. This includes workers in positions where the consequence of human error poses a risk to the environment, the health and safety of persons, or to the security of the nuclear facilities and of nuclear substances.

CNSC staff verifies and enforces compliance with Canada’s regulatory requirements for Training Systems and the resulting training programs through various types of inspections of nuclear facilities, activities and processes, as well as through the review of licensee documentation and records.

Licensees’ Training Systems and the resulting nuclear security training programs are subject to these compliance activities.

CNSC staff conduct compliance inspections and technical assessments of licensee Training Systems and resulting nuclear security training programs by consistently utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach which leverages subject matter expertise in training systems, security and site operations.

In cases of non-compliance, CNSC staff use various enforcement actions, in a graded approach, to ensure that licensees take appropriate corrective action.

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