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MAAP control parameters' effect on source term calculation

Abstract of the technical paper/presentation presented at:
International Severe Accident Management Conference (ISAMC 2018)
October 15‒18, 2018

Prepared by:
Mounia Berdaï
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission


The Modular Accident Analysis Program (MAAP) is an integral systems analysis code designed for the assessment of severe accidents. It deals with a large spectrum of physical phenomena that could occur during an accident, including core heat-up, hydrogen production, vessel failure, core debris-concrete interactions, and fission product release.

MAAP incorporates many control variables. Some are designed for model selection and program control; others are designed as input parameters for phenomenological models or for the definition of some physical properties. Some of these variables are accessible to the user and can have single values or values in a given range. The effect of their variation, within their specific range, combined with the variation of other variables is not obvious. In this presentation, we select an example of some key parameters involved in source term calculation and we assess their separate and combined effects. The purpose is to perform some sensitivity assessments and determine how they will affect source term behaviour.

Keywords: control variable, source term, MAAP.

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