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Severe Accident Strategies, Review and Validation of Guidelines at Canadian NPPs

Abstract of the technical presentation presented at: CNS 11th International Conference on CANDU®
Maintenance and Nuclear Components
October 1–4, 2017

Noreddine Mesmous
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission


Further enhancing the existing severe accident management (SAM) program in CANDU nuclear power plants (NPPs) is an important activity in response to lessons learned from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear event. In addition, verification and validation of the severe accident management guidelines (SAMG) is crucial to assessing their successful implementation and effectiveness in SAM.

In this view, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s (CNSC) approach to assuring SAM effectiveness includes:

  • implementation of REGDOC-2.3.2, Accident Management, requirements for SAM
  • compliance verification of actions related to SAM
  • evaluation of site-specific SAMG implementation
  • verification that lessons learned are incorporated into the programs

In this presentation, CNSC regulatory oversight related to SAMG verification and validation is discussed. This approach is seen as providing valuable evaluation and feedback to operating CANDU NPP utilities to improve and support decision making for increasing confidence in SAM effectiveness.

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