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Overview of Canadian Regulatory Practice and Requirements for Nuclear Core Design

Abstract of the technical presentation presented at:
IAEA Technical Meeting on Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor Fuel Safety: Strategy and Path Forward.
Ottawa, Canada, June 2015

Prepared by:
Dumitru Serghiuta
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)


The presentation provides an overview of key specific elements of Canadian regulatory practice and philosophy, including a brief history and evolution, and discusses the requirements and guidance for safety (acceptance) criteria as stated in REGDOC 2.4.1, Deterministic Safety Analysis. Both the current regulatory framework of requirements and guidelines, and the regulatory practice in the area of core nuclear performance characteristics, are presented in detail, with examples based on REGDOC-2.5.2, Design of Reactor Facilities: Nuclear Power Plants. International practice in the area of core nuclear design, including current trends, is also briefly mentioned.

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