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Canadian Regulatory Perspective on CANDU Fuel Thermalhydraulic Design

An abstract of the technical paper presented at:

IAEA Technical Meeting on Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor Fuel Safety: Strategy and Path Forward
June 8–12, 2015

Prepared by:
Y. Guo
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission


Fuel thermalhydraulics is a key aspect in reactor fuel and core design. To protect physical barriers from fission products release, fuel thermalhydraulic design must provide sufficient cooling to the fuel at each plant state; for example, normal operation, anticipated operational occurrences or design-basis accident. The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission has established regulatory requirements and expectations on fuel thermalhydraulic design as part of the overall nuclear safety control process. Regulatory review guidance, commensurate with the regulatory requirements and expectations, was also developed for staff to use in conducting regulatory reviews of new fuel designs and modifications to the existing fuel designs. This presentation shows, at a high level, the Canadian regulatory requirements, expectations, review guidance, and procedures pertaining to CANDU fuel thermalhydraulic design.

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