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Projecting Regulatory Expectations for Advanced Reactor Designs

Abstract of the technical paper presented at:
The 5th International Symposium on Supercritical-Water-Cooled-Reactors (ISSCWR-5)
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
March 13–16, 2011

Prepared by:
A. Viktorov
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


This paper explores the overarching safety principles that will likely guide the safety design of advanced reactor technologies. As will be shown, the already established safety framework provides a solid foundation for the safety design of future nuclear power plants. As a specific example, the principle of proven technology is presented in greater detail and its implications for a novel technology are discussed. Research, modeling and prototyping are shown to be components in satisfying this principle.

While the fundamental safety principles are in place, their interpretation may depend both on the considered technology as well as the national context. Thus, the regulatory authority will need to be engaged at an appropriate stage of the technology development in specifying the regulatory requirements that will have to be met for a specific reactor design.

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