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Nuclear security is a major consideration for all CNSC activities. The CNSC is responsible for enforcing Canada's Nuclear Security Regulations, as enabled by the Nuclear Safety and Control Act. Nuclear security in Canada is aided by federal regulations, which set out detailed security requirements for licensed nuclear facilities. The CNSC’s approach follows international physical protection best practices and standards recommended by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

CNSC staff assess if licensees meet the requirements of the Nuclear Security Regulations and the conditions of their licences through ongoing compliance verification activities. The specific areas of security include: facilities and equipment, security practices, response arrangements, and drills and exercises. The CNSC has worked closely with nuclear facility operators, law enforcement and intelligence agencies, international organizations and other governmental departments to ensure that nuclear materials and facilities are adequately protected.

This category includes research, presentations and technical information about best practices for security and security management at a nuclear power plant.

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