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Fitness for service

The fitness for service safety and control area covers activities that evaluate the systems, structures and components at nuclear power plants to confirm that they are maintained as intended by design and perform design functions. The fitness for service evaluation involves various activities including engineering assessments for structural integrity, periodic in-service inspections using non-destructive examinations, maintenance activities and research and developments depending on component conditions and operating experiences. The assessment for fitness for service is to be continuously confirmed for its validity through periodic in-service inspections, surveillances and research activities throughout the period of service life. To manage all these activities in a systematic way, the CNSC requires that licensees develop and implement aging management programs or maintenance programs. CNSC staff closely monitor the effectiveness of those programs through compliance verification activities.

In this category, you will find research and technical information related to the following specific areas: equipment fitness for service/equipment performance, maintenance, structural integrity, aging management, chemistry control, and periodic inspection and testing.

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