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Environmental protection

The environmental protection safety and control area covers programs that identify, control and monitor all releases of radioactive and hazardous substances and effects on the environment and members of the public from facilities or as the result of licensed activities.

Environmental protection for nuclear facilities and activities is done in accordance with the Nuclear Safety and Control Act and the regulations made under it. This legislation includes provisions to ensure that licensees are meeting the CNSC’s mandate to protect the environment and the health, safety and security of persons. The CNSC requires the environmental effects of all nuclear facilities or activities to be considered and evaluated when licensing decisions are made.

The CNSC recently implemented its Independent Environmental Monitoring Program (IEMP). The IEMP complements existing and ongoing compliance activities to verify that the public and environment around CNSC-regulated nuclear facilities are not adversely affected by releases to the environment. This verification is achieved through independent sampling and analysis by the CNSC.

In this category, you will find research and technical information related to the following specific areas: effluent and emissions control (releases), environmental management system, assessment and monitoring, protection of the public, and environmental risk assessment.

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