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Regulatory Oversight Reports

Each year, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) publishes regulatory oversight reports, which offer information on the safety performance of Canadian licensees who are authorized to use nuclear substances. The reports evaluate licensees based on their safety procedures and adherence to regulatory policy. Key issues and emerging changes in regulation are also highlighted.

Licensees are categorized under the following sectors:

About compliance verification

Ensuring compliance with legislation, regulations and licensing requirements is one of the CNSC's core business processes and is carried out through compliance verification and enforcement. Together, these activities enable the CNSC to assure Canadians about licensees' continuing compliance and safety performance.

Regular inspections and evaluations verify that licensees are complying with laws and regulations. In this way, the CNSC can conclude licensees are operating safely and adhering to their licence conditions.

The CNSC verifies compliance through site inspections and the review of operational activities and licensee documentation. The regulator requires licensees to report routine performance data and unusual occurrences. In addition, the CNSC conducts investigations of unplanned events or accidents involving nuclear substances. It also collects samples and analyzes them in its laboratory.

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