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Atomic Energy of Canada Limited National Research Universal Reactor Safety System Upgrades and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission's Licensing and Oversight Process


List of Personnel Interviewed


Andrei G. Blahoianu, Director, Engineering Design Assessment Division
Lawrence Colligan, former Single Point of Contact for CRL
Steve Cook, Electrical Engineer
Gerald Crawford, former acting director Compliance and Licensing Division
Alexander Delja, Thermal Hydraulics Engineer
Gerald Frappier, Safety Analysis Director
Daniel Gagne, Nuclear Facility Site Supervisor
Barclay Howden, Director General, Nuclear Cycle and Facilities Regulation
Jafaar Karouni, Reliability Engineer
Linda Keen, former President, CNSC; Commission Member
Greg Lamarre, Director General, Directorate of Security and Safeguards
Lisa Lang, former Project Officer, Chalk River Laboratories Compliance and Licensing Division
Robert Lojk, Electrical Engineer
Constantin Nache, Project Officer for NRU
Greg Rzentkowski, Thermal Hydraulics Engineer
Miguel Santini, Director CRL Compliance and Licensing Division
Fred Taylor, former Single Point of Contact for CRL
Paul Wong, Quality Management Specialist


Glenn Archinoff, Vice President Compliance, Corporate Oversight & Regulatory Affairs
John Arnold, Production Manager
Terence Arthur, CRL Facilities Licensing Manager
Andrew Ashworth, Branch Manager, Safety and Environmental Analysis
Paul Bell, Manager Nuclear Safety
Nancy Burnett, Purchasing
John Chilton, CRL Program Licensing Manager
Chris Conway, Instrumentation and Controls
Bernard DeAbreau, Commissioning
Thomas Doherty, Commissioning
Eldon Douglas, Commissioning Engineer
Christine Fahey, Director Project Management Office
Paul Fehrenbach, Vice President (retired)
Guy Gagnon, Electrical Engineer
Lance Goodick, Electrical Design Engineer, Electrical Design Group Section Head
Jean Pierre Latourneau, Licensing Single Point of Contact
Ray Leung, Licensability Staff (PSA and FSAR)
Catherine Lockley, Project Control/Support
B. E. McGee, Sr. Vice President & Chief Nuclear Officer Research & Technology Operations
Steven McCauley, Manager, NRU RESP
Ken McLennan, Facility Manager
Edward Mutterback, Upgrades Project Manager
George Poley, Design Engineering Manager
Denny See Hoye, Licensing Extension Project Manager (Retired)
Suzanne Sheridan-Cole, CRL AIMS coordinator
William R. Shorter, Director NRU Facility
Kathy Smith, Manager, Operating Experience and Corrective Action
James Walker, Safety Review Committee and Early Safety Assessment Author
Andrew White, General Manager, Programs and Nuclear Oversight, Chief Regulatory Officer

AECL Key Personnel not available:

Paul Lafreniere, former General Manger Reactor Operations Plant

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