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Atomic Energy of Canada Limited National Research Universal Reactor Safety System Upgrades and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission's Licensing and Oversight Process

Appendix C

Abbreviations and Acronyms

AECL - Atomic Energy Canada Limited

AECB - Atomic Energy Control Board

ATS - Automatic Transfer Switch

BMD - Board Member Document

CAP - Corrective Action Program

CMD - Commission Member Document

CNSC - Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

CRL - Chalk River Laboratories

ECCS - Emergency Core Cooling System

EPS - Emergency Power Supply

DC - Direct Current

FA - Facility Authorization

FSAR - Final Safety Analysis Report

IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency

ITS - Instructions to Supervisors

JCO - Justification for Continued Operation

LCO - Limiting Condition of Operation

LCVC - Liquid Confinement Vented Confinement

LE - Licensability Extension

LOFA - Loss of Flow Accident

MHWP - Main Heavy Water Pumps

NECC - New Emergency Core Cooling

NRU - National Research Universal

OL - Operating License

PSA - Probabilistic Safety Assessment

QA - Quality Assurance

SEP - Safety Evaluation Report

RSEP - Reactor Safety Evaluation Report

SDR - Significant Development Report

SPOC - Single Point of Contact

SRC - Safety Review Committee

TOE - Technical Operability Evaluation

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