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Gender-based analysis plus (GBA Plus)

Section 1: Institutional GBA Plus Governance and Capacity


  • The CNSC has established its Centre of Expertise within its Corporate Planning Division.
  • The Departmental GBA Plus Champion is Peter Elder, Vice President of the Technical Services Branch


The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) continued to integrate Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA Plus) into work-related areas where the Government of Canada has established GBA Plus requirements. These areas are:

  • the development, implementation and review of regulations
  • the conduct of evaluations
  • the development of cabinet proposals (such as Treasury Board submissions and memoranda to Cabinet)

The CNSC may expand the application of GBA Plus beyond the mandated areas to other activities where its application would be beneficial, such as Return to the Workplace (RTWp), the regulatory framework, Indigenous engagement and communication activities. The decision to undertake a GBA Plus assessment on corporate projects is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Section 2: Gender and Diversity Impacts, by Program

Core Responsibility: Nuclear regulation

Program Name: All Programs

Program Goals:

  • The CNSC is committed to ensuring that its "work from home" and RTWp strategy is based on principles of equity and supported by evidence. To support this objective, a GBA Plus assessment was undertaken to evaluate disproportionate impacts on diverse groups of people and to find ways of mitigating potential barriers. Recommendations to address the findings include developing presentations for management on how to support their employees in seeking accommodations, designing learning sessions for staff on workplace accommodations; and organizing safe space conversations on disabilities and neurodiversity. These recommendations have been implemented.
  • Considering the resources provided by the Department for Women and Gender Equality, the CNSC is also continuing to develop additional GBA Plus training tools and guidance for staff when having to undertake a GBA Plus on internal policies or programs.
  • The CNSC applies GBA Plus to the development and review of programs, policies and services in order to ensure that they are inclusive and accessible. For example, in 2022-23, a GBA Plus lens was applied to the CNSC’s draft Flexible Work Policy and Working Alone Directive. The CNSC continues to seek opportunities to apply GBA Plus to internal policies, programs, and services.
  • The CNSC also participated in planned GBA Plus Awareness Week activities in 2022–23 and promoted GBA Plus learning events internally through all-staff messaging and intranet pages, and externally via the CNSC’s social media accounts.

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